our team

We work closely with companies who want to get some value from their used furniture, and this puts us in a position to be an excellent choice for organizations looking to furnish an environmentally friendly, responsible and productive workplace.

Our team includes interior design experts who can help these organizations make their space as welcoming as possible at a budget-friendly price.

John Kurtz


  • President/CEO
  • Established Recon Relocation in 2006
  • With over 25 years of experience in commercial moving and office furniture, John brings a unique understanding and skillset that is unmatched
  • Strength in building lasting business relationships and continued innovation in Recon’s services

Katelyn Garza

Director of Operations

  • Joined Recon Relocation in 2015
  • Main responsibilities include improving Recon’s processes to improve both quality and efficiency of the company
  • Handles day to day logistics such as project scheduling, billing and invoicing, supervising Recon’s retail store
  • Demonstrates exceptional organizational skills as well as a strong awareness of both internal and external needs of customers
  • Also excels at negotiating and completing tasks under tight time windows

Thomas Garza

Director of Business Development

  • Joined Recon Relocation in 2012
  • Graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater with a degree in Business
  • Main responsibilities include communicating project needs and details between clients and recon staff as well as directly overseeing and leading projects from start to completion
  • Skills include a strong sense of communication, passion for building personal relationships with customers, and exceeding project expectations
  • Additional skills include creating and implementing unique solutions to any problems that a job may present